Comments SA&S on the Directive Proposal on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

SA&S published its comments on the Proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market and expresses its concerns.

Apart from specific concerns about the Directive proposal itself, SA&S regrets that the European Commission failed to critically question the actual fundaments of copyright, such as the extremely long  protection period (70 years after the author’s death) or the extensive rights of exploitation granted to authors. To users of copyrighted materials it is clear that the balance between copyright and public interest is out of proportion. Heritage institutions are particularly disappointed that the European Commission did not have the courage to implement an open norm exception (by analogy with the American ‘fair use’ concept).

SA&S therefore makes an appeal to the European Commission to effectively establish  a major reform of copyright laws. SA&S refers to its memorandum ‘for a balanced copyright’  from 2013.